Ok some issues going on with HUMAloids are these:

-claims of HUMAloids even though they do not produce the video proof.

-Those who claim to be the creators of HUMAloids made:

  • - roboloids
  • - pitchloids
  • - utauloids

Those issues above are just with the program of UTAU and not of their own voices. So with them we must claim them as a credit stealers.

People saying that character ideas were theirs and other people are copyrighting their characters.

Everyone of these claims were false! These people with the orinal character ideas posted picutres and ideas on youtube and nicovideo before, and they had a creation date.

With HUMAloids we do not appreciate the thought of stolen characters and know if they are copyrighted or not.

Other issues:

Humaloids shouldn't have been created because there are people who are dub singers and they don't call themselves HUMAloids

True many people are dub singers and many people aren't HUMAloids thats because HUMAloids is still growing and not everyone knows about it. To say that they shouldn't be created is like saying that they shouldn't have made other groups like Zodiacloids, Roboloids, ect.

Its not pronouned HUMAloid its HUMANLOID'

Yes some people would want to call it HUMANloid but the only reason why its called HUMAloid is because HUMANloid sounds like a human android and I doubt that is what you are, correct? HUMAloid is much easier to roll off the tongue and it has a definition of a being that looks or has human parts.

'Your saying that HUMAloids are supirior to UTAUloids? NONONO!

No I only said that HUMAloids is like a newer version of UTAUloids, supiror yes because you can sing whatever song you want, ex. chinese, korean, french, spanish.

'You can make a UTAU sing in other languages!!!!

True you can but that means you have to make other voice banks just to sing in that language and there aren't many VSQ's and UST's out there for mulitlanguage UTAU's.

'This idea is going to go down the drain! NO ONE WANTS TO BE A HUMALOID!!

Ah ah ah don't say that because we already have characters out that are singing songs! They aren't popular yet but they are going to be soon! They all have beautiful voices, their songs are heavenly, if people don't like this idea then they don't have to join. Its as simple as that.

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