Misa Haruna

Misa Haruna was created in a Japanese wiki but the creator took her off the page because it was "innopropriate" so she tried UTAUwiki, but then she realized that she didnt have a voicebank for Misa so she noticed that Riku Kawasaki was a HUMAloid so the creator made her a HUMAloid as well. So the creator thought why not make Misa a yuri to show her appreciation to the making and found site of her character. So shes going to release some songs out soon. The creator's name is Misa Yuuki.

Some basic information about Misa:


weight:120 lbs

likes:Female crossdressers, big breasts, short skirts, lollitas, maids that wear short dresses, yuri manga, female echi,

dislikes:Males, ugly people, sex toys, anyone who hates her 'love' Riku Kawasaki, short people under 4 ft

character item:

Fettish rope, bandana, banana, yuri echi manga, milk

personality: Is a yuri, a lesbian, for anyone who is a crossdresser. She hates all men and usually attacks men when she 'feels' threatened. Loves people who can change their voice pitches to sound like either a man or a girl, but perfers girls. Wants to be with Riku but thinks that she is playing hard to get, but she likes a challange so she won't give up yet. Who ever is Riku's friend she want to be friends with to be 'approved' by her.

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