Name: Naito Shirouta (lit. white song of the night) 内藤 白歌

Gender: Male

Age: 18

Eye Color: Red

Hair Color: Silvery White

Nail Color: Silvery White

Color Scheme: Black, White & Red

Related to: Naito Kurouta & Shirayuki

Loves: Strawberries & Rabbits-- more like cute animals/things in general

Personality: Shirouta is a sleepy head-- most people call him 'narcoleptic'-- he can sleep anytime, anywhere-- even when standing. And he's a sucker for strawberries like Kaito is for his ice cream. Definitely can't resist temptation. He is related to Naitou Kurouta--which is like Shirouta's mirror & Shirayuki--his girl version, probably. His voice is pretty much near Kagamine Len's since the seiyuu (which is me) is a girl.

SONGS PLANNED-- if any of you guys would like to have a duet/chorus with me or something:

1. Servant of Evil (VOCALOID) - Solo

2. World is Mine (VOCALOID) - Solo

3. Love is War (VOCALOID) - Solo

4. Magnet (VOCALOID) - Duet

5. Trick and Treat (VOCALOID) - Duet

6. Alice Human Sacrifice (VOCALOID) - Chorus

7. Sandplay of the Dragon (VOCALOID) - Duet/Chorus

8. Spice! (VOCALOID) - Solo


10. Sakura Addiction (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) - Duet

Reference: Self... he's ME (as a guy) in VOCALOID. ^_^

Other information is yet to be unveiled. Photos and song covers will be uploaded soon. :)

~内藤 白歌

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