A young man of the age 14. He is realated to Riku Kawasaki and is her male counter part

He is obsessed with the colors red and black, and he likes to be mean to his yo

Oni Kawasaki left side is a boy right side is him cross dressing as a girl

unger sisters Meru and Riku. He only cross dresses so when he is paired with Riku he can either have a boy look or girl look, it all depends on whether or not his sister will dress up or not. He's usually considered as Riku's older brother even though he's younger.

Age: 14

Birthday: December 19th

Weight: 120 lbs

Height: 6'8

Genre of music: anytype that he and his sister can sing

likes: anything black or red, blood, being mean to his sister, harassing his sister, sometimes cross dressing, making fun of comparing cup sizes of both meru and riku. dislikes misa haruna, riku's female stalker misa is a yuri, annoying people who talk to much, anyone his sister has a crush on, because she talks about them too much item eye patch, dunce hat to put it on riku but mostly on meru.

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